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FML *sigh*

  • Thursday, 23. February 2012 @ 01:03
Between messy roommates who don't seem to heed messages left on notes for any more than a week (cases in point: turning lights off when leaving the apartment; disposing of garbage promptly; rinsing empty drink cartons; taking out recycling; wiping off stove after cooking; washing and putting away dishes after cooking; proper disposal of sanitary napkins; refilling the stash of toilet rolls under the washroom sink); roommates who decided that our cable Internet subscription was being too flaky or something and so got her own cable Internet subscription, hooking it up to the same jack with a splitter*; roommates who buy way too many shoes online; roommates who talk late into the night on the phone/Skype but whose calls seem to entail either giggling or cryface whining; and finally the bullsh*t endless apartment inspections (see comments) - one today and one less than a week from today - for which roommates don't seem to care enough to prepare the place for and thus I will be charged money for non-"cleaning" for messes I have absolutely nothing to do with (since I always clean up after myself and haven't been spending too much time here lately anyway); I think I am justified to say, V*TTU TÄTÄ P*SKAA.

When you go out during the day and by the end of it you really, just really don't want to go back to your own bed because of this BS, you know it's time to move on. I can't afford it or I'd move into the House of Crazyfinn, after all, I think I spend more time at CFJ's place than I do at my own right now.

So schoolwork is progressing at a snail's pace, because I need my (desktop) computer for some of it.

Last week I had a sudden urge to learn and record all eight parts for this song that my choir is working on. But lo and behold, eventually my next door roommate came home and decided she needed to study, so she pounded on my wall to make me stop. I mean, really? I get a rare burst of inspiration to do something that will relieve my stress (or at least to distract myself from it) and BAM! SHUT DOWN. Sigh. It's like with Mrs CF and going to the cabin at the lake. FML.

* Incidentally, neither modem is getting any internet connection at the moment, so I am typing this on my computer via USB tethering to my mobile phone, which happens to have a nice data plan.