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  • Sunday, 28. October 2012 @ 03:29
So I became quite sick today drinking about half of a glass of beer and eating a veggie sandwich and a bowl of curried soup. And by sick I mean drunk. And by drunk I mean breaking into a sudden sweat and the feeling in my arms and legs became very very sensitive, that is, even the smallest pressure on them like resting my head on my arm or crossing my legs would make them numb. And feeling woozy. And a very scary disorientation when I got out of my chair to make a run for the washroom. Staggering, the world spinning around me.

Needless to say, I pretty much found myself needing to sit down for a while (not gonna lie down on a restaurant washroom floor. No. Just no.) and time speeds up and I try to drink water with a straw which is hard when you really want to just put your head down on the table. (I have come to expect at least some disorientation with drinking alcohol, which is why I try to remember to carry a walking stick if I go anywhere with the intent of possibly drinking.)

I messaged CFJ to ask him to please come carry me outside or walk me home or whatever and he just seemed so...resentful about it. He has a habit of hiding his feelings when he shouldn't, and speaking his mind when he shouldn't. (That's why we semi-amicably broke up at the end of the summer. I mean, I know I've been super-clingy since and still showing up at his place a lot when I ought to give him some space, but.. ) He was like "sigh I'm coming now" and he comes to get me and he says "You know, I was in the middle of a Magic tournament online" and it's just ... like he's BOTHERED by having to help out a buddy in need.

I've stayed home for the last couple of days, but as evident from the time at which I'm posting this, I get all this ennui and don't want to go to bed until very very very late and my body just wants to shut down when I'm here; while if I spend the night at his place I usually go to bed between 10:30 and 12 because he does and I feel tired and I wouldn't want to keep playing Guild Wars 2 on his TV screen while he's trying to sleep (muting just won't do). On the other hand, I can better take care of my skin care needs here, but better my dental needs there. So I don't know. In the grand scheme of things I think maybe good rest is a little bit more important than good hygiene, though both are important.

He was struggling the other day with finding a nice way to tell me to go away, and it's obvious that I got the message and stayed home, yet he seemed very indifferent when I admitted that every day without seeing him still really really sucks.

I've asked him before how and why he still puts up with me, and his only answer is "I don't know". But I see now, that "I don't know" here really means "I know but there's no point telling you because it's not going to change your mind about whatever you have in mind". But sometimes you need to know, right?

As for the drunkenness - something similar happened earlier this year and I also wasn't able to finish one serving of alcohol before I got similarly sick but not quite as drastically. The only other thing in common? Eating curry. So I think alcohol and curry don't mix. Anyone know why, and maybe it's related to my sensitivity to spicy food and how that makes my hands numb?

(I suppose today I was also very famished; the server remarked that I finished eating my meal very quickly. It's likely that I drank too quickly while I was at it. I don't remember what the context was the other time.)